Stara Design: The Best In Exceptional Residential Design

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A world class interior design experience brought to life by Stara Design

Stara Design is a woman-owned, boutique interior design firm with multiple offices located in both Southern New Jersey & Southport, North Carolina.

Stara Design relies heavily on an intensive client discovery process & modern technology to offer cutting-edge interior design solutions to its client base of residential & commercial clients located throughout the United States.

Their initial consultation includes evaluating their client’s space and understanding their client’s specific project specific goals. This comes with added input from the designer.

After the initial review is complete, the conceptual design ideas for each room follows shortly thereafter.

Then work is started on a detailed and phased plan once Stara’s initial proposed design plan is accepted by the client.

From there a customized product list of recommended items is created and presented to the client in order to source & acquire the unique, hand curated items for the client.

This is a highly customized and personalized process which ultimately leads to and results in Stara’s hallmark and calling card: Exceptional Residential Design.

Stara Design is all about service

Stara Design refers to themselves as a full-service interior design firm specializing in exceptional residential design.

With a portfolio ranging from new build residential construction to vacation home renovation and expansion, the firm is best known for its commitment to sophisticated interiors that withstand the test of time.

Services include

  • Project Management & Oversight
  • Spatial Planning
  • Color Consultancy
  • Sourcing (finishes, fixtures, lighting, furniture, accessories)
  • Cohesive Space Creation
  • Contractor Collaboration
  • Shared Pinterest Board
  • Consultative Design Services Available Upon Request

After meeting in late 2020…

We began meeting with Stara in late 2020 while working through the planning phase for their website re-launch which was scheduled to go live in Q1 of 2021.

The Stara team’s main focus for their new website was on both a much needed upgrade to their site (similar to the JMD Funding Capital project here) as well as navigational & layout enhancements to the front end of their site.

Ultimately, they were interested in a site with an ultra-clean aesthetic married to a bare bones functional simplicity that could grow with them as their firm continues to grow.

The “look” they were going for wasn’t too hard to accomplish for them considering the stunning, professionally shot, interior-design photos they had ready for us when we started working to begin assembling the layout of their new website for them.

Their photos literally “stole the show” as their interior design work is absolutely gorgeous in every sense. Jaw-dropping would be an understatement when you simply review their work online.

A win-win for everyone involved

The great news is that not only was the team at Stara Design thrilled with the result of their new site, but their clients seem to love it even more.

It turns out that their new website resulted in several new clients within a few weeks of their relaunch. Talk about a win-win for everyone involved.

Needless to say they are thrilled that they are now the proud owners of a beautiful, functional website that allows them to stay focused on meeting the demanding needs of their ever-growing client base.

We were so happy with the collaboration & the way their project turned out that we couldn’t wait to share their story with the world.

We were grateful & thankful to have the opportunity to work with the first-class team at Stara Design who made our job easy. (It’s always wonderful when you get great clients!)

They are truly a top-notch team of pros who are at the top of their game and we wish them much success in their future endeavors.

Need a world-class interior design firm?

For anyone looking for a world-class interior design firm with over 20 years of real world design experience, look no further than Stara Design.

They can be reached through their website at

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