Off Terrain: Essential Recovery Gear For Off Roaders & Overlanders

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Who is Off Terrain?

Off Terrain is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality, vehicle recovery, storage & outdoor gear designed specifically for overlanding, off road, trucks, jeeps, & 4WD vehicles

They make rugged, innovative, overbuilt, dependable overlanding gear, off road accessories & 4WD parts that their customers rely on to get the job done in some pretty harsh environments & the hairy, self-recovery situations they may encounter.

With products designed for the “outdoor adventure enthusiast” crowd, their products appeal to those who are passionate about off-roading & overlanding. Of course we can’t forget the truck lovers, jeep fanatics, & 4WD enthusiasts out there as well.

Proudly designed and developed in Portland, Oregon, Off Terrain is known for their specialized recovery gear and monster kinetic recovery ropes, soft shackles, winches, traction pads, and overland roof top tent series.

These items were specifically engineered and designed to get off roaders and overlanders to and from their remote destinations while providing the tools and gear needed to get them out of jams in a hurry.

Off Terrain Off Road & Overlanding

Off Terrain’s digital approach

Our initial meeting with the owners of Off Terrain began in spring of 2019 after they came to us explaining the preliminary vision they had in mind for their new brand.

One of the things that was of special importance to them was that they needed to be ready to go live on our before their brand’s debut at the big SEMA show which is the annual Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association show held each fall in Las Vegas.

This 4 day show, with thousands of domestic & international visitors is a really big deal to anyone in the off road & overlanding space.

It was essential that our team was able to get everything squared away for them before they introduced & debuted their brand to the public for the first time.

Since Off Terrain is a new brand being introduced to the market for the first time, their were specific aspects of their brand development which we needed to get ironed out fairly quickly for them.

The good news is that their team had the investor funding, concept, product design, development, & logistics side of their business fairly well thought out and on schedule.

They still needed help with business names.

Specifically, they needed our help to develop some creative business name ideas for their new brand and product offerings that would resonate with their target market.

Additionally, they needed a complete branding package, custom logo, graphic design, web strategy, website, marketing collateral, as well as matching social media accounts to help get their message out & promote their new brand that was in line with their vision for the product.

A professional-grade overlanding gear company is born

Our team spent some time working on unique business name ideas that would work for their new company and product offerings.

Ultimately their team loved many of the names our team had compiled but were especially thrilled with one of the company name options which we presented to them.

That name was “Off Terrain” and the rugged-sounding nature of the name immediately spoke to them right from jump as it hit all the right notes for their new company name.

Having Off Terrain as their new business name also hit on several aspects they were looking for in a new company name.

The new company name option was memorable, brandable, catchy, cool, in line with their target market, while also being easy to say and spell – which means it also passed our “radio” test.

Once we had the name figured out we then quickly shifted into securing the domain name assets so we could begin our work on the branding, website, and other aspects of making sure the newly formed “Off Terrain” team were prepared to enjoy a successful launch in Vegas.

Needless to say the resulting launch and SEMA show debut were a huge success which was a tribute to how well all parties involved worked seamlessly together to achieve a result which was far greater than the sum of its parts.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Need some killer offroad & overlanding gear?


For anyone looking for some killer off roading & overlanding gear, please be sure to check out the gear offerings from Off Terrain. They’ve got some amazing products & tools to make sure your next excursion deep into the backcountry is both safe and memorable.

They can be reached through their website at

Interested in another great company? Check out our recent work with JMD Funding Capital here.

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