JMD Funding Capital: A Real Estate Investor’s Best Friend

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Funding dreams for real estate investors: one at a time

JMD Funding Capital is a Pennsylvania based company who works directly with real estate investors who need financing for their residential and commercial real estate projects.

As long term real estate lending professionals, the team at JMD Funding Capital has spent almost 20 years working directly with 1,000’s of real estate investors, both big and small throughout the United States.

With their years of experience, JMD Funding Capital has pretty much seen it all over the past two decades.

They also find themselves in the unique position of truly understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by real estate investors in today’s fragmented real estate lending market.

Having years of experience placing business purpose loans, investment loans, hard money loans, rehab loans, commercial loans, & difficult to source niche loans they have developed a specialized process and network for helping their real estate clients on an individualized basis.

This is an important element to their long term success, as no two clients are alike.

Their years of expertise and personalized service is truly what gets their clients coming back again and again and keeps their referral pipeline full month in and month out.

There is no “one size fits all” solution

The team at JMD Funding Capital works hard for their clients.

It’s the only way they can get deal flow done at volume for their clients who have a difficult time sourcing financing options for their non-conventional lending needs.

JMD Funding focuses on “niche” real estate loan solutions such as:

Services include

  • Rehab Loans (Fix & Flip)
  • Commercial Loans
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Business Purpose Loans
  • DSCR Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • 1-4 Unit Multi-Family
  • Poor Credit Loans
  • Self-Employment Loans
  • No Income Loans
  • Multi-Use Loans
  • Ground Up Construction Loans
  • Foreign National Loans

The mission for JMD Funding Capital is about lending solutions matched with best in class service levels

The mission for JMD Funding is clear.

To provide best in class funding solutions, while providing top level service in alignment with the needs of their real estate clients.

They are in business to serve their client while helping provide them with the solutions to their unique funding needs.

Our initial consultation

Our initial meeting with JMD Funding Capital occurred in summer of 2022 not too long after we finished the Stara Design project which can be found here.

JMD Funding explained where they were at and what they were looking to accomplish with their digital strategy & makeover.

At the time, we assessed their current digital strategy and offered recommendations surrounding their branding, website, traffic, analytics, lead conversion, & content generation which would allow them to achieve the results they were looking for.

Specifically, they needed immediate help with certain elements of their name strategy revolving around their domain name assets.

In addition, we helped them clean up and revise their logo providing a cleaner, stronger representation of their firm’s brand & mission.

Furthermore, we recommended a modern website solution which would help carry them well into the future, a solution that they would own outright – and control the messaging.

This last part was a key for the team at JMD Funding as they recognized the importance of owning and controlling their web assets, files & messaging.

Launch sequence initiated

Once we agreed to a plan of action, JMD Funding had their eyes set for a summer of 2022 launch.

The branding & site makeover was delivered on time and JMD Funding was thrilled with the results which we provided for them.

They indicated that one of the main things that they were especially excited about was the integration of a customized lead collection form that we installed on their new site which was designed specifically to help meet their client’s needs for a quick assessment of how the firm could help them.

This resulted in capturing additional business leads for them that they didn’t initially anticipate which was great to hear.

A win-win for everyone involved

Ultimately, JMD Funding Capital was thrilled to receive everything they needed and more with their new website.

We remain in touch and now have our sights on helping them tackle their next digital project which has to do with their content generation and SEO strategy to help them increase their organic traffic volume in the near future.

We are excited to work with them on the implementation of these additional strategies which will have the effect of greatly increasing their digital visibility & expanding their reach, while helping them grow the JMD Funding Capital brand through the specific programs & product lines which they are targeting.

In the end, we were very happy with the way JMD Funding Capital’s initial project turned out and are excited to partner with them to help them build their digital business as they continue to pursue their plans for expansion.

As always, we are thankful to their team for being wonderful to work with as they were super receptive to learning about the ways that they could improve on the digital side of their lending business.

It should also be noted that we have friends who’ve worked directly with JMD Funding Capital who also had a great experience with them as well, further confirming that fact that JMD Funding is a great company & a first class organization for real estate investors in need of hard to place loans.

Are you a real estate investor in need of help?

For any real estate investors looking for help with their real estate holdings and financing options – we highly recommend JMD Funding Capital and their team of pros to get you the solution you need today.

They can be reached through their website at

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Virtworx provides digital solutions for individuals & business owners.  We help people with business name ideas, company, product, & service name ideas, branding, graphic design, custom logos, web design, content, traffic, & SEO.

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